Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Oh The Places You'll Go! PJs

Here's some PJs I made my son in fabric from Dr Seuss Oh The Places You'll Go range.  I was given the book by a good friend when we were leaving the Kimberley region of NW Australia to move to Cairns in the Far North Queensland region of Australia.  Its a really great book for both kids and adults, and I sourced this fabric as my son is pretty keen on Dr Seuss books.

I got the fabric from Hawthorne Threads for about $10.00 a yard, but they don't seem to have it in stock anymore.  You can still get both fabrics for this price from Fabric.com, a lot cheaper than the around $20 a metre Dr Seuss fabrics retail for at Spotlight in Australia.

They are basic pj's with a straightforward elastic waist, so there is not much to say about them.  I particularly like this pattern - Simplicity 3584 as it is a nice fit for my son who is on the leaner side.  Looks like it is OOP now, but you can buy it on ebay.

Here's a pic of my son 'Elvis' ('the eldest') modelling the pjs - i think he likes them.


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