Sunday, 14 June 2015

quilted knit linden sweatshirt - the not the inari tee dress post + giveaway

i did try to make an inari tee dress in this quilted knit fabric that i picked up at the crazy scramble that is the clegs** boxing day remnant sale, but it was a BIG time disaster.  the cocoon shape of the inari dress is more suited to fabric with a nice drape - unfortnately this fabric is more wobbly than drapey.

so after getting over the disappointment of wasting my time on something that was doomed to fail from the beginning, i started to think about how I could save the fabric.  luckily for me at around this time the lovely jane from melbourne offered me an excess copy of the grainline linden sweatshirt pattern she had.

dud inari tee dress then became super wearable linden sweatshirt - phew.

i could salvage nearly enough of the fabric for the front and back but not sleeves, which i didn't mind as i thought a contrast sleeve would would well with the quilted knit fabric.  i used a black merino sweater knit from the fabric store that i bought during one of their recent 40% off sales.  i also used a black ribbing for the cuffs and bands.

according to the size chart for the pattern i am a size 6 bust, size 12 waist and 8 hip.  based on some google searching of finished lindens and the finished measurements for the pattern i decided to make a size 8.  wearing it, i find it just a tad big so am going to try a 6 next time.

i said above that i had nearly enough for the front and back from my salvaged fabric.  i was a little short so i pieced two panels on the back at the sides with the stripe pattern going horizontal - i am actually pretty pleased with how this worked out.

as most bloggers have noted the sleeves are lonngggg! (have i mentioned before just how much i appreciate the on-line sewing community giving you a head start at knowing how a pattern will make up?!)  i removed 5cm from the length as rachel posted on IG that she removed 5cm and i kinda thought our arm length may be similar(!) so i went with 5cm and am happy with the finished length.

from dud to wearable - i'm happy.


i recently passed 150 followers of my blog.  i am very appreciative that people want to follow my blog and it encourages me to keep going.  to celebrate i have 1.5m of a mystery tessuti fabric to giveaway - mystery because i can't actually remember what it is.  i am terrible with fibre contents, but it is a soft lawn or voile (or perhaps rayon???) kind of fabric.  if you would like to become the new owner just leave me a comment saying you would like the fabric and details of how i can contact you.  i am happy to post anywhere.  i'll announce the winner next post, so you can enter up until my next post.


** at time of posting i think the quilted knit fabric was still available at joys fabric warehouse in geelong victoria.