Friday, 5 December 2014

pineapple kelly midi

my personal fabric buyer lara has certainly come through with the goods recently! after seeing a great linen printed with pineapples on darn cheap fabrics' instagram feed my personal shopper was kind enough to pick me up 1.2m.

my first thoughts were it would make a great skirt.  i love the megan nielsen kelly skirt, which i made here and here last summer.  so i thought a midi kelly would work for the fabric.

i lengthened the skirt by 6 inches, mainly because that is the length my 1.2 metres of fabric would allow and am really happy with how the length looks. i didn't make any other alterations.

construction for this skirt is the same as my two previous kellys. i really love the kelly pattern. i like how easy it is - mostly straight line sewing, but that the finished skirt has a really nice shape to it.  the fabric was a dream to sew, it has a nice linen feel and you can finger press it well as you go along.

i have read a few bloggers say that the back pleats on the kelly add volume at the back where its not really wanted, but given the busyness and weight of this fabric i think it works ok in keeping a slim look.

the weather of late in sydney has been quite tropical, hot days and late storms - its actually hailing as i type this.  the light has made photo taking challenging with my limited abilities, the pic below was the best of the full length shots, but still blurry and dark.

like my last two kellys i finished the pockets with bias binding and french seams for the side seams to keep everything clean and neat on the inside.

i used bias binding on the hem too to keep the length close to what it was cut at.  i absolutely love this skirt and have already cut another in the wax print i bought in south africa at the start of the year, but have added 7 inches to the length so i can turn up a proper hem.

yep this one is a winner!

quite a few other bloggers have this fabric and am really keen to see what they all make up.