Sunday, 24 November 2013

A cat in Adelaide & a drift of pigs in Sydney

Last weekend we were fortunate to take a quick trip to Adelaide without the kids.  We lived there for a year about 5 years ago so it was really nice to visit old places and catch up with good friends.  While it rained all weekend in Sydney, we were enjoying this kind of weather.

Henley Beach, Adelaide SA

Having been sewing again in ernest for about a year now I try to take the opportunity when I get away to visit fabric shops.  I really wanted to check out Catwalk Fabrics as I had heard about it when I lived in Adelaide but never visited it.  The shop is located in Brompton and has a lovely selection of fabrics.

I purchased 2 pieces, both are knits and I unfortunately can't remember the exact fabric types.  I really should pay more attention to the fabric type when I buy them so I can detail it on here!

According to the receipt the multi coloured fabric is viscose.  Its light weight and I imagine will be a bit clingy, but I love the colours.  Am thinking I might make another drop waist kirsten kimono dress similar to this.

The blue on blue spots is a medium weight stable knit which has stripes on the back of the fabric.  I got enough to make a top and am thinking I will use the stripe side for some bindings.


Adelaide often gets a rough time in Australia as not a great place to live or visit.  But don't believe it.  It was fantastic to see Kristiann from Victory Pattern's great blog post a couple of days ago saying how great SA is - check out those pics! If you haven't been there you should.  Just one more pic of me and Mr Ernest Flagg this time at Glenelg - look at the colour of the water!


This weekend was the complete opposite - Elvis and I and a couple of friends from Mum's Group went to Peppa Pig at the Sydney Opera House.  Elvis was most excited and loved the show.  The night before I decided to make him a new shirt to wear as a surprise.  I made a long sleeve tee - the Flashback Skinny Tee as it fits him well.  He's 3 and a half, but small for his age.  Currently the size 2 fits him quite nicely, although looking at the pic at the bottom of this post it could do with a bit of extra length in the sleeves and at the hem. 

I made the front from some mustache knit from Girl Charlee that was in my stash and used a black combed cotton knit from Spotlight (also in my stash) for the back and sleeves.  I thought the mustaches suited the Peppa Pig occasion.

I used black ribbing for the neck binding and added an inch to the recommended length for size 2 to allow for my sons quite sizeable head. I used my twin needle for the neck binding, hem and sleeves. 

This is such a fantastic pattern, it goes together easily and quickly.  Here's a pic of Elvis wearing his new top on the way to see Peppa.


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