Wednesday, 7 January 2015

darn cheap fabrics seasonal challenge - summer 2014/15

welcome to instalment no.2 of the darn cheap fabrics seasonal challenge - summer 2014/15.  for background info on the concept see my post on the first challenge.

my family had christmas in melbourne which gave me a chance to visit dcf with lara (and a bunch of other great melbourne bloggers) to choose our challenge fabric. it was really fun shopping trip!  lara and i settled on a summery linen printed with pineapples, toucans and zebras.  we could have actually settled on a few fabrics as we purchased 3 of the same fabrics and a fourth that we both bought in a different colour.

i went for another megan nielsen kelly skirt lengthened to be a midi.  i made one in pineapple linen from darn cheap fabrics recently and really like it so i decided to make another - actually it's my third as i have made another from the african wax print i bought in johanesberg shown at the bottom of this post, yet to be blogged.

there is not much to say about the construction of this skirt that i haven't said in previous kelly posts.  i am just really rapt with how it looks.  one thing i didn't mention in my pineapple kelly post is that the black tee is a maria denmark kirsten kimono tee (a free pattern!) that i made to wear with the pineapple skirt.  the fabric is a soft dkny jersey from the fabric store.

as with my other kellys i bound the pocket seam, in purple bias this time and did french side seams. 

this is my second last kelly midi for the moment. i've got another in black that i am nearly finished, i just need to sew the buttons on.  but my midi love affair is not ending as i am eyeing off the sewaholic crescent skirt which i want to lengthen to midi.  i also want to start making a few shorter a-line skirts for winter too. skirts skirts skirts!

i saw a sneak peak of lara's make on IG but am very keen to see the full dress and make up the pattern myself!

i'm already looking forward to the next challenge - autumn 2015.



  1. I love your skirt Emma! Just blogged my dress. The Kelly skirt pattern works so nicely as a midi! The bound pocket and french seams are a beautiful touch too.

  2. Ahhh! This is too rad! Em, you look smashing in midi length and this fabric is delish!

  3. This looks great! I love the print and the midi length. Must try the Kelly Skirt pattern one day.

  4. I love what you and Thornberry have both made! I love a midi-length skirt, though I'm not sure they suit me. I NEED to find something to make from my 3m of darn pineapple fabric now.

  5. I love your finishing details, and the fabric - an excellent choice!! I also love that midi's are back - so practical!!

  6. I love the Kelly skirts you've made - they look like a really great basic that you can change the look of depending on the fabric that you use. I'm very tempted to have a trip to the DCF on my side of Melbourne.

    ps - the fabric you commented on is from Spotlight - I bought it on Boxing Day and it looked like it was new in so it should still be available if you want some :)

  7. I eyed off this fabric when I was at DCF as well! The Kelly in Midi is just perfect. Love it!

  8. I love this fabric and it really works as a midi skirt.