Sunday, 9 February 2014

black n' white pants - simplicity 1918

this is the first pair of fly front pants i have made in a long time. perhaps ever - now i think about it, i can't really remember having made any pairs.  maybe for high school sewing class?

these are simplicity 1918 from the amazing fit range.  i purchased the pattern during one of lincraft's 50% off all patterns sale (coincidentally 50% off all patterns is currently on now too) after seeing them on miss p... i thought they looked like a good place to start for fly front pants and am happy enough how they turned out, particularly as i didn't make a muslin.

the main thing about the fit is some fabric pooling at the front and back in the upper thigh/lower crotch area.  given the fabric is pretty busy though its ok for this pair.

the fabric came from which i purchased after seeing it on another blog last year in the navy colour way.  i was pretty sure it was on four square walls, but i just googled for it and couldn't locate it. its a soft stretch cotton sateen which has a nice light weight for summer.

before making the pants i thought i would take them in and make them a slim fit.  but after trying them on during construction i decided to leave them as cut. the looser fit is good for summer.  

here's a 'tucked in tee' pic to show the waist fit, which i'm pretty happy with.  the fly is just passable thanks again to the busy fabric.  i have since bought some craftsy pants fitting and construction classes and am looking forward to trying sandra betzina's method next time.  

i finished the waistband with bias binding.  this was new for me as i have always previously finished waist bands by turning under the seam allowance.  i really like the finish of the bias bound waist band and am also looking forward to using this technique more.

i'm happy i made this pair of pants, particularly to try out a few techniques for the first time.  however it is unlikely i will use the pattern again as i am keen to try other patterns, particularly a skinnier fit,  



  1. These look really relaxed and comfy. I'm on the lookout for good slim leg pants too. I'm determined to make more pants and get my fitting down this year. Colette Clovers are pretty good, let me know if you find any other good ones.

    1. Thanks! I'm keen to getting fitting pants sorted this year too. Am keeping any eye out on the Tessuti class list. If you are keen to do a class too let me know. Clovers look great don't they.